Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services mission is to assist in improving the quality of life for those individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders.  We accomplish this goal by providing comprehensive evidence-based curriculum in our programs.  Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated individuals who are progressive and committed professionals.  With their leadership, Kern County Hispanic Commission provides high quality leadership that encourages and cultivates a staff of progressive and committed professionals.


The Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Services aspires to provide superior, culturally sensitive substance abuse services as an integral partner in a comprehensive continuum of care.  It is the vision of the Commission that services will be delivered within an environment which promotes the dignity, rights and full participation of individuals and other families.


The following values guide the programs and services provided by Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

  •      Respect, compassion, caring, loyalty and safety for all community members
  •       Honesty, integrity and professional ethics on all undertakings
  •       Social responsibility and dedication to equality and justice
  •       Acceptance of differences
  •       A commitment to innovation and creativity


The agency was established in 1984 as the KERN COUNTY CHICANO COMMISSION ON ALCOHOLISM, a California Corporation.  On May 25,1988 an Amendment was made to the Articles of Incorporation and filed with the State of California.  The Amendment was a change to the name of the corporation which is now known as ‘Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services’.

The original mission of Kern County Hispanic Commission was to serve Hispanic Women in the community.  Assisting in services to provide Prevention and Treatment Programs located near Spanish speaking communities.  However, over the last 29 years Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services began focusing on all cultures and issues related to women in the community.

In 2016 Kern County Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services recognized the needs of the community and begin providing services to all individuals (female and male).  Offering different levels of care and services that meet the needs of the population we are now serving.



Olga Acevedo,
Interim Executive Director

I have been working in this field since 2000.  I enjoy working in Quality Assurance, because I am best suited at assisting the counselors on how best to meet the needs of our clients.  My work is behind the scenes which provides me the ability and insight into how to improve treatment documentation and outcomes showing our client’s success.  I also provide to the therapists and counselors on the standards required by County and State.

“I believe integrity is of the utmost importance to our staff and as a provider of services to the community we serve.”


Viviana Gonzales,
Support Staff

My name is Viviana Gonzalez, and I am proud to be part of KCHC-Outpatient Recovery team! As someone that volunteers on occasions, I also enjoy helping and encouraging others and am excited to help our clients progress in their recovery.  I am thankful to be given an opportunity to work in this field and I hope to receive more knowledge as I continue working here.


Danny O’Neal, CADC II
Substance Abuse Counselor

I chose the substance use field because I believe I have a lot to offer.  Providing clients with hope and inspiration, along with teaching them how to obtain change and because alcohol and drug free keeps me grounded and reminds me of where I came from.


Veronica Ramirez, RADT
Substance Abuse Counselor

I began working in the mental health/substance use field in 2015.  I chose this field because of family and close friends who have struggled throughout their life.  Seeing the clients accomplish their goals, and changes to their lives are what makes this job rewarding.

Rachel Pori, RADT-I
Substance Abuse Counselor

My name is Rachel Pori and I’m a registered alcohol and drug technician.  I enjoy working in the field of Substance Abuse.  Throughout my life I have had experiences with substance use in the family.  My Personal experience made a pathway for me to seek a career that gave me the opportunity to give others hope for change.  It brings me great joy to know that I am making a difference in the community and with those who are struggling with co-occurring disorders.  This field allows me to fulfill my purpose and mission in life.

Christina Peterson, RADT-I
Substance Abuse Counselor

I chose this Mental Health and Substance Abuse field because it is a challenging field that requires attention.  Everyone deserves an opportunity for change. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen, it only matters that you get up and continue to fight for your sobriety.